Business Growth

No business should become stagnant in its marketing efforts!  Make sure yours remains on a quest to grow.  Competition, customers moving away and attrition in general will erode anyone's book of business.  It's important to remain urgent to find new business.  Growth in volume clearly raises overall revenues, but it also reduces the effects of some fixed costs and creates an emotional lift for employees.  

Customer Satisfaction

Customer experience is crucial to sustainable growth of your business, and can be the most cost effective way to grow your sales. How confident are you that your last 100 customers are doing nothing but singing your praises? If you don't know, you are likely missing out on essential repeat business. Learn how to inspire your employees to deliver state-of-the-art service levels.

The Formula - In Order of Priority

Chris Buck​

Employee Engagement

Nothing is more important than hiring and retaining the best talent you can find.  The positive momentum created by energized, trained, appreciated, empowered and properly compensated employees often is the single difference between winners and losers in business.  Focusing your efforts in this area creates an unstoppable foundation of success. 

Sustainable Profitability

It is imperative to have Revenue and Expense reporting that gives month-over-month and year-over-year trends to determine how money comes and goes.  Do you have a revenue problem or an expense problem?  Responding quickly by making adjustments to any trend - good or bad - allows you to remain in control and prevents the business from getting away from you.  Great reporting is essential - knowing how to respond to it is critically important, rewarding and fun!