I was fortunate enough to land a job out of college with a company that rewarded my hustle and hard work.  While it wasn't glamorous, they taught very sound business lessons.  I learned that taking care of your employees is critical if you expect them to give exceptional service on your behalf.  Doing this successfully gives you the reputation as a great place to do business.  As word of mouth spreads, you earn new and repeat customers.  Your business grows and profits soar as a result. 

I firmly believe that most businesses focus too hard on the profits first, and try to back into the rest.  If you don't hire good employees and deliver great service, you simply won't get there.

Living by this philosophy, along with a lot of hard work, allowed me to become a corporate officer in fourteen years - joining the top 1/2 percent of the 70,000 employees in this multi-branded, global, $14 billion company.  I've managed bad to good, and good to great.  I am confident that my experiences and assistance can help bring peace to your operation.