Mid-Michigan is making its move!  Like many I complained for years that Lansing didn't have much to do.  Then I hit the wall - complaining isn't healthy and it's not an option.  I either needed to move to a town I preferred, or get involved to help fix the problem.  I chose the latter.  I wear many hats in my efforts to help drive revitalization in the Lansing Region.  I currently serve as the Economic Development Director for Meridian Township (mainly Okemos and Haslett).  In my spare time I serve as a business coach to existing small business owners (check out the Business section), I host a radio show/podcast called Michigan Reimagined  on the Michigan Business Rap, and I co-host a networking event called The Drinking Lunch with a group of dynamic small business owners called the Second Brain Collective.  Check out all of these platforms and join the revolution to #lovelansing.  Ghandi says "Be the change you wish to see in the world."  I'm doing my best...

Chris Buck  Principal


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Cjbuck Consulting Business Advice And Help